Morganton, North Carolina


Christian Education begins with our infants and continues through adulthood using the ELCA curriculum.

Martin Luther once asked, “What do we older folks live for if not for the care of the young, to teach and train them?” The importance he placed on education has remained a hallmark of the Lutheran church for centuries, and is truly part of our calling (source: ELCA website)

Programs available at Calvary Lutheran include Sunday Church School (all ages) , Vacation Bible School, Christmas children’s program, intergenerational Sunday School events, catechetical and first communion instruction, and recognition of Christian education milestones.

Summer Sunday School is 9:00 a.m. during June, July, and August (through the 23rd). 
All children are invited to “Bible Crafts” for the summer sessions.

Sunday School – Sunday morning at 9:45 a.m. during the fall and winter.

Youth Curriculum –The Splash! curriculum is for our birth through 3 years of age children. In Sunday School we use the Spark curriculum for our 4 year olds to 5th grade.  The middle and high school Sunday School classes use an ELCA based curriculum.

Augsburg Series Bible Study – Come share in conversation as we explore themes and books of the Bible using the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies.  This is a Sunday morning class.

Book of Faith Study – This adult study course uses the ELCA Book of Faith resources to dig deeper into biblical texts, taking a look at what meaning the text held when it was written as well as for us today.  This is a Sunday morning class.

Summer Bible School –  In the summer of 2015, several Morganton area churches combined to provide a curriculum for all Morganton children. The churches took turns providing a week.  Here are some photos of the week at Calvary:

IMG_5517  IMG_5549
IMG_5527   IMG_5559IMG_5525

IMG_5550  IMG_5534