Morganton, North Carolina

Growing in Faith

How We Grow
Holy Bible
Engage in prayer daily, including prayers for the church, the world, and each other. The weekly bulletin is an excellent resource.

Take 10 minutes each day to study the written word of God. The daily lectionary listed in the Sunday bulletin is a good beginning outline and a wonderful way to promote unity in our reading.

Calvary Lutheran ChurchAttend worship every Sunday unless you are ill or out of town. We miss several things when we miss worship: the needs of the gathered community, the presence of Christ among us in the gift of the sacraments, and the opportunity to praise God for “ourselves, our time, and our posessions,” signs of his gracious love.

Sunday School
Participate in weekly Christian Education either through Bible Study, Sunday School, or an on-going Lutheran study group. We grow spiritually when we share our faith with others.

Volunteer for one of the ministries at Calvary Lutheran (choir, committee member, teacher, etc.). If there does not seem to be an area of ministry where you can share your God given talents and special gifts, speak with a member of council. We are called in Baptism to minister. Being commissioned by the congregation to be in ministry beyond the the congregation is our blessing to the community.

Handbell Choir
Take your annual financial pledge seriously. Voluntary tithing- disciplined giving by choice- should be prayerfully considered. A way to grow is to add 1% of total income each year, working progressively toward and beyond the tithe (10%).

Read the Sunday bulletin, newsletter, and the Lutheran magazine from cover to cover.

Honestly take some risks. Don’t be afraid to speak the truth in love. What are your hopes for your congregation? Share your ideas with the pastor or a member of the church council.

Embrace differences of opinion as a healthy road to understanding. We can not expect great strides unless we are honest, loving listeners. We are also people with opinions. The trick is to state your feelings, and then open your ears.

Be open to the energy and presence of the Holy Spirit in your own life. Regularly ask: What is God calling me to do with my life? How might I share my gifts with those who need me? How does my job (outside or within the home) relate to my Baptism and the daily ministry to which I have been called?

Give some prayerful thought as to how you might say “thanks” to God, that all might know the joy attached to the name of “Christian.”

In return, God blesses us with a lifetime of fulfilling service in the name of the one who graces us with life and salvation.

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