Augsburg Series Bible Study – This class meets upstairs, just down the hall from the Nave (worship space). The primary study and reference source for this class is the Augsburg Adult Bible Studies Series, a quarterly publication of the Augsburg Fortress Press of the Lutheran Church. Each week an outstanding author writes a lesson based on pertinent and interesting Bible verses. Class members participate in lively discussions involving Bible history, theology, and implications of the Bible verses in our daily lives. It is a relaxed setting in which everyone learns from each other.

Book Discussion — This class meets in the “Bridal Room” in the Old Fellowship Hall. The format is typically an open discussion on a book that is currently being ready by the group, and is facilitated by rotating leadership. Sometimes it is a book from the Bible, and at times books with topics such as Faith, Grace, or Jesus. Our discussions are a sharing of our individual faith and beliefs. It is a relaxed atmosphere and everyone who attends soon feels comfortable joining the discussion.          CURRENT TOPIC: Prayer

Retreat and Camp Opportunities — Learning and faith formation are not just for Sunday mornings! It can and should happen in many places, and we encourage intentional times of retreat for learning, growth, and renewal. While there are a number of opportunities, our largest regular participation is in the following: