Stewardship is about sharing and taking care of all of creation – ourselves, our neighbors, and our earth.

What is Stewardship – Stewardship means “belonging to God” – all that we are and all that we have comes from God. We are grateful to God for it all, and responsible to God for how we use it. There is a connection between stewardship and spirituality: generous giving as a spiritual discipline helps us to grow in Christ. “Duty and delight” are both motivating factors for giving – doing what we ought to do as responsible church members, and making cheerful sacrifices out of love for God. (Source:  Mark Allen Powell, “Biblical Stewardship:  Our Duty and Delight”)

Care for Creation – “The earth is a planet of beauty and abundance; the earth system is wonderfully intricate and incredibly complex. But today living creatures, and the air, soil, and water that support them, face unprecedented threats. Many threats are global; most stem directly from human activity. Our current practices may so alter the living world that it will be unable to sustain life in the manner we know.”

Time and Talent – we are called by God to also give of ourselves and our time.  We have each been blessed with spiritual gifts and abilities, so that we can strengthen the Body of Christ and to help build up God’s kingdom here on earth.

Financial Giving – Each year we ask for Estimates of Giving (EoG) from each member or family.  Having an estimate of our financial gifts, we are better able to plan and respond in ways God is calling us for ministry.